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INVICTA REX GAMES is a board game design, development and publishing company dedicated to providing gamers with a strategic, immersive, and interactive tabletop gaming experience.

Whether creating a new tabletop game, or just playing one, we are guided by 5 core principles:

  1. Fun:  If a game mechanic isn’t fun, fix it or get rid of it. Repetitive or highly administrative tasks consume valuable game time and reduce the joy.

  2. Choice:  Sound strategy requires trade-offs. Weighing tough choices and having to think several moves ahead are essential to good strategy gaming.

  3. Chance:  No strategy is infallible. Even the most carefully laid plans can fall prey to unlikely and unforeseen outcomes with just one roll of the dice.

  4. Teamwork:  Sitting around a table is, by nature, an interactive experience. Teamwork, sudden betrayal, and shifting alliances keep things more interesting.

  5. What If:  Seemingly outlandish questions can be the engine of innovation. Never mind thinking out of the box. What if there is no box?

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